Save money-buy cheese in bulk

0208011846.jpg Greek chicken pizza with mozzarella and feta

Cheese. We all love it and couldn’t live without it UNLESS you’re lactose intolerant. Cheese is an integral item for all menus. We buy it for pizza, tacos, sandwiches, wraps, omelets and other items. Think of all the foods you make with cheese on a weekly or monthly basis. Why pay the usual sale price, $2 for 2 cups, for cheese when you could save even more?

I bought two bags of shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese from Sams. Cost 10.74 for cheddar and 9.72 for mozzarella. Price for a 2 cup bag of cheddar is 1.07  and .97 for mozzarella. That is the price without coupons and it saves me a bundle when I’m making freezer casseroles, such as manicotti or it’s handy when I’m making Mexican entrees, like 5 minute tacos or nachos grande.

I divide each 20 cup bag into 2 cup portions. Just measure out 2 cups into a quart size freezer bag, squeeze the air out and label. I put it on the freezer inventory so I’ll know when to stock up again. Tip: As you empty the bags, place them in a gallon bag in your freezer to re-use the next time you stock up.


A 2 cup bag of cheese is typically on sale for $2, sometimes $1.50 or less if you have a doubled coupon. Not everything at wholesale clubs are a good buy, but cheese is a good buy:) You need to know what’s a good price before walking into a wholesale club. If you don’t have a membership, consider going in with a friend, family or neighbor or asking them to pick up this one item for you.

What items do you think are a good buy at wholesale clubs? Share the price with us so we will all know.


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One Response to Save money-buy cheese in bulk

  1. Heather says:

    Feta cheese and organic spinach are a great deal at Sam’s! The only time I get the spinach cheaper is when they have been reduced a the grocery store due to its expiration date. That is very hit and miss though.

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