Double Bubble it-Black Bean Casserole


Don’t you need a night off from cooking? Sure, we all do and this casserole is so easy to whip up from pantry staples, like corn, black beans, tomatoes. Mix in some mexican cheese and voila, you have a meatless mexican meal to serve a king.  We make this NO COOK recipe in freezer cooking class and the ladies go home and stash one in their freezer. It’s beneficial to make two casseroles; I call it “double bubble”. Eat one for dinner and freeze the other. This is an easy casserole to freeze because there is no browning meat or boiling pasta, which makes it QUICKER to throw together. So why not make three if you plan ahead and buy the ingredients? Some of you meat eaters out there might want to throw in some cooked taco meat or chicken, but it really tastes hearty without. Black beans is always a protein winner.

Plan ahead and make a this casserole one night this week and freeze an extra for a meal later this month. Pair it with a salad and/or cheese quesadillas for the kiddos and take a night off (or 2 nights if you’ve frozen an extra)

Printable Recipe Mexican Black Bean Lasagna


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I'm a "Mom on a Mission for Christ" providing food for my family while opening my arms to the poor and needy. I have a passion for equipping others to be on mission with me through freezer cooking tutorials, teaching, speaking and writing. Join a community of women who love sharing the love of God by visiting

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