Nachos Grande

Remember I made 8 bags of cooked taco meat for the freezer? Today, I made this super easy meal for lunch and my kids loved it. The kiddoss had theirs with meat and cheese only and we, the parents, adorned ours with pico de gallo and cubed avacado.

Guess what? I didn’t have the taco meat thawed out either. It went straight from the freezer to an 8×8 microwave safe dish with lid and I nuked the meat on 50% power for three minutes. Then I microwaved on high for four to five minutes stirring in between. Once it was hot, I dalloped little areas on the bed of nachos with meat. Then I gave it a generous handful of shredded cheese. Next, I microwave for thirty seconds until the cheese starts to melt (don’t over do it-it will get hard). Then I add pico de gallo and cubed avacado.

Sour cream would have been good, but hubbie’s not a huge fan. Shredded lettuce would make it more like a taco salad. Store bought salsa would be fine too, but I love the fresh taste of pico de gallo and it’s so easy to make. I follow the Pioneer woman and mix chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and a squeeze of lime-that’s it unless you want to add a pinch of fresh jalapeno-be careful. I keep this on hand for all our Mexican entrees.

Have you ever tried serving nachos as a main meal? I’m telling you making taco meat ahead of time can be a huge timesaver. Try it this month!

Tortilla chips
cooked taco meat
shredded cheese
pico de gallo or salsa
chopped avacado or guacamole, optional
sour cream, optional


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