Be Creative with your leftover holiday meat


I often borrow ideas from take-out pizza. For example, California Pizza Kitchen has a website full of creative pizza ideas to get you excited about creating your own pizza at home. The next time you eat out, take note of the ingredients and make one at home using leftovers.

It is easy to plan pizza and purchase frozen dough in the freezer section or purchase a ready-made crust in the bakery /bread isle.  It’s even more fun and delicious if you plan a pizza night with enough time to make your own homemade crust. Most of us think we need lots of time to allow dough to rise, but I started out with a no rise crust recipe from Moneysavingmom. It is extremely easy to whip up and the best part is there is no extra time involved with kneading or rising. I’ve modified this recipe with my favorite white whole wheat flour.  

Since the holidays are here, be sure to save extra 1-cup portions of leftover ham or turkey to make quick, frugal pizzas at home. Refrigerate leftover meat and measure out portions of shredded, diced or chopped meat and place in a quart size bag. Label and date bags to ensure oldest leftovers are eaten first.  Roll excess air from bag and seal.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust


2 cups warm water (115 degrees)
2 teaspoons salt

2 t teaspoons sugar

4 tablespoons olive or canola oil
2 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour (we use King Arthur)

2 1/2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
2 T. yeast (purchase in bulk at Sams or Wal-Mart for best value)

Yield: 4-12 inch crusts


Measure water using a liquid measuring cup at eye level.  Mix dry ingredients and mix using with a dough kneading hook or stir by hand about 3 minutes, making sure there are no dry patches of flour.  No rising is necessary!  Plan to use this dough in 2 days or freeze. 

Freezer Preparation: 

Lightly flour hands and dough and divide into four equal portions.  Slightly flatten and place in gallon size freezer bags and seal.  Allow dough to thaw for 24 hours prior to use. Allow dough to come to room temperature (about 40 minutes) before baking.


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