Meatball subs and homemade fries

Remember how I double whatever I’m cooking. I made ten microwaved baked potatoes the night before and wrapped them in foil after they had cooked in the microwave. I had five leftover potatoes for another meal. I sliced the leftover potatoes into thick cut slices and grilled them into healthy french fries. It takes a light toss of olive oil and some sea salt sprinkled on top, a medium hot grill and careful eyes for instant fries.

We had our frozen meatballs (cooked) reheated on sub rolls smothered with marinara and cheese. Here’s another reason why I freezer cook and double everything I cook; dinner on he table in about twenty minutes (the picture is not that great because I took it on my camera phone).

I also served he same grilled veges from the night before too (not pictured and we use the same grill basket). I still have some leftover which I will cut up and use in my chicken quesadillas tomorrow. This will be my last night to use the veges since it will be three days old (I don’t like to use food over three days old to avoid any contamination or food poisoning).

Baked Italian Meatball Subs


12-16 meatballs

4 whole wheat sub rolls

1 recipe marinara or 1 favorite jar of marinara

4 slices provolone cheese


Toast 4 large whole wheat sub rolls or hot dog buns work under preheated broiler for 5 minutes. Cut 3-4 thawed meatballs in half and place on one side of sub roll or in between a partially split sub roll.  Top with homemade marinara or favorite jar marinara and a piece of sliced provolone cut in half.  Toast subs until hot and bubbly. Serve immediately with additional warmed marinara if desired.


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